Green Walls

Bostenaru Dan, M., 2014, Green Walls, in: Crăciun, C., Bostenaru Dan, M. (ed.), ‘Planning and Designing Sustainable and Resilient Landscapes’, Springer Netherlands, Dordrecht

  • Author : Bostenaru Dan, M.
  • Year : 2014
  • English Title : Green Walls
  • Published in Book : Planning and Designing Sustainable and Resilient Landscapes
  • Abstract in English : In this paper several steps for our research, in which the green walls are dealt with (documentation of the spread of green walls in Europe and housing by us with interior and exterior green walls), as well as continuous approaches (such as an invention patent for supporting green wall system), and in general the land art (contribution to the reconstruction of L'Aquila or simply representing the concept of space) are presented. Employing our experience we will help the virtual and real land art work management, as well as contributing with two creations of us: virtual green wall houses, which can be presented in real-time applications, and available on the Internet, as well as an alternative photographic exhibition in which the green plant materials, as well as Art Nouveau wall drawings come to a dialogue. The research will help to highlight the contribution of green walls to landscape design and to the dissemination of this knowledge, which is currently not enjoying so much awareness. Increased awareness will help employment in post-disaster situations, which is the author’s area of research.
  • Outline in English : 11.1. Introduction 11.2. Research methods 11.2.1. Site visits Quarters in Montreal Felt based green walls (living walls) Other green walls 11.2.2 Literature review 11.3. Results: research by design 11.3.1 Green walls and propping systems 11.3.2 Green walls and multimedia installation 11.3.3 Innovative green walls as separation in house design 11.3 Discussion 11.4 Conclusions