Objectives of Project: Clustering of five ongoing research projects on green space in urban areas

Project Timetable: 2003 – 2005

Structure/Organisation of Project: The proposed operation brings together 5 project teams that are presently about half-way in their studies of the role and management of urban green. To this will be added one of the teams that has just started on a similar EU-sponsored project.

The project involves a two-and-a-half year programme of conferences, special comparative studies and essays and the production of (a) a mobile exhibition with video and (b) a joint website.

The theme of this programme is twofold:
1. To present a clear picture of the different concepts, underlying ideas and methods of research and the practical results that may be expected;
2. To explore the options for complementary use of the results of the various projects in one common ‘toolkit’ for urban planning practice.

Greencluster aims to add value to the output of each of the projects taken individually. It also has the potential to combine to some extent the practical output of the project into a single or complementary set of decision support tools. This will be achieved by co-ordinating the complementarities between the tools developed in the individual projects and communicating these with their envisaged end-users. This will be supported by the development of a common scientific framework on both the contribution of green urban space to urban sustainability in general and to the needs of specific groups in particular. This framework is to combine a quantitative approach with a qualitative and a planning (process) approach.

Members of the Project Team: ALTERRA B.V.
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