Objectives of Project: Communicating Urban Growth And Green: Assessment Of Planning Concepts And Policy Instruments For Sustainable Development Of The Urban Landscape

Project Timetable: 2000 – 2003

Structure/Organisation of Project: The research approach leads to a project in three phases. First, relevant questions and hypotheses regarding communication and policy instruments are formulated in interaction with the cities involved. Then, a framework will be developed that allows for comparative study of cases. In the second phase, this framework is used for case studies in five European countries. The third phase is an assessment of the cases and leads to the toolkit. In all phases researchers closely work together with urban practitioners. Expected impacts At the strategic level, the toolkit facilitates ‘good governance’ of greenstructures by offering strategies to strengthen the position of green areas in conflicts with urban growth. A special focus is on strategic options for multifunctional combinations, linking green and other functions, like water storage, cycle tracks, real estate values, and urban climate. At the operational level, the research project generates a better understanding of local and generic conditions in which particular policy instruments can be successfully applied. Recommendations are made for such policy instruments as public-private partnerships, incentives and compensation practices. As communication is the central theme, communication strategies and decision-making procedures are an important field for recommendations, both at strategic and operational level. Understanding the processes and development of better tools to improve the quality of decisions on growth and green. This contributes to wider objectives of sustainable urban development and quality of life in urban areas.

Members of the Project Team: ALTERRA B.V.
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