Greetings from Europe

Greetings from Europe: the impact of leisure and tourism on European landscapesLeisure has a huge impact on the European landscapes. Contemporary Western life has given rise to all sorts of mobilities, flexibilities and incentives that fuel the sometimes dramatic changes in the landscape we are witnessing today.DescriptionCan the relationship between leisure and landscape be a productive one and, if so, under what conditions? This complex relationship was the subject of a European project, instigated by Dirk Sijmons, Dutch Government Advisor on Landscape, involving thirty universities from twenty countries.

  • Title Original : Greetings from Europe
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  • Notes : Publication: Hazendonk, N. , Hendrks, M. and Venema, H. (Eds).
    Greetings from Europe: Landscape & Leisure
    Publishers, Rotterdam
    ISBN 978-90-6450-650-5
  • Project start : 2006
  • Project end : 0200
  • Contact Person : Niek Hazendonk
  • Funding Agency : Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality Netherlands, Netherlands Architecture Fund, Chief Government Architect Netherlands
  • Project Partners : Over 30 universities from 20 European countries