Heritage in the Industrial Town

The goal of the project was to create a short two week exchange project between Budapest Corvinus and Manchester Metropolitan.

The students were asked to  question current heritage practices in the industrial town. They were given a number of readings* to develop their understanding and critical awareness of heritage as an interpretation of history, before analysing a series of case studies culminating in a design project.
  • Website : http://manchester-budapest.tumblr.com/
  • Project start : 2013
  • Project end : 2014
  • Funding Agency : Balassi Institute & Manchester School of Architecture
  • Project Partners : Budapest Corvinus University
  • Project structure : During week 1 the students visited a range of contested and official heritage sites across the North West- Manchester, Chester and Stockport. Click here to see the results of their work.

    During the second week the students focused on a number of sites in Stockport. They were asked to explore the extent to which heritage and historical narratives should play a role in Stockport?s future identity.In groups the students developed a range of divergent proposals for the town; large scale master plans; critiques of current practices; small scale interventions and frameworks for future development.
  • Location : United Kingdom, Stockport, lat : 53.406754000000000000 - lng : -2.158842999999933500; United Kingdom, Chester, lat : 53.193392000000000000 - lng : -2.893074999999953400; United Kingdom, Manchester, lat : 53.479324000000000000 - lng : -2.248485100000039000
Image Title: Heritage in the Industrial Town