Indicating Relations between Landscape Toponymies and Landscape Characters in Case of Serik District in Antalya

To indicate landscape toponymies in case of Serik Province in Antalya, to analyse relations between place names and structure of landscape as well as landscape features of topography, soil, vegetation, etc. and to evaluate the role of landscape toponymies in ecologic, historical, socio-economic, cultural and aesthetic dimensions of the landscape.

  • Title Original : Antalya, Serik Bölgesi Örne?inde Peyzaj Toponimileri ile Peyzaj Karakterleri Aras?ndaki ?li?kilerin Belirlenmesi
  • Website : http://
  • Project start : 2012
  • Project end : 2013
  • Contact Person : Meryem Atik
  • Funding Agency : TÜB?TAK - The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey