Ingeborg Bachmann Park


  • Area : 1,2
  • GPS X : 16.443635200000017000
  • GPS Y : 48.258407600000000000
  • Implementation end : 2003
  • Website : http://
  • Project Status : Completed Project
  • Ownership : Select Ownership...
  • Accessibility : Select Accessability...
  • Brief Description : The existing contours of the landscape and its framework of trees were integrated into the new design. Paths from the four corners of the park
    lead to a central piazza that serves as a meeting place and an area to
    stroll and mingle. Around this central focus, areas are envisaged for
    various user groups, including a skater park set into a recess in the
    ground, streetball and beach volleyball courts, and a football pitch.
    These have been grouped together to create a youth area, while a
    flowering meadow forms a zone of tranquility behind the seats in the
    piazza (Lička, L.; Grimm, K. (Hg.) (2015): nextland Zeitgenössische
    Landschaftsarchitektur in Österreich. Birkhäuser, Basel, B46).
  • Designer : Karl Grimm Landschaftsarchitekten