Intelligent terrain modeling – more than just a tool

Jørgensen, I., 2004, Intelligent terrain modeling – more than just a tool, in: ECLAS (Jørgensen, K. & G. Fry), ‘A critical light on landscape architecture’, ,

  • Author : Jørgensen, I.
  • Year : 2004
  • Published in Book : A critical light on landscape architecture
  • Abstract in English : Terrain modeling is a central discipline in landscape architecture (Anthos 2004). Today software has been developed, which gives terrain modeling a quite new dimension changing drawing-oriented design into object-oriented design. In short, a set of drawings are replaced by an intelligent model of the landscape, and from this model it is possible to extract drawings, cut and fill calculations, analyses, perspectives etc. In this paper the opportunities in digital terrain modeling will be presented. It will be demonstrated how software gives immediate access to visualization and calculation, and furthermore presents new design concepts to interact with the terrain. These new conditions can not be dismissed as smart features because they have a potential of changing the design process. Whether this will happen depends on the attitude of landscape architects. Information technology can be narrowed down to a tool, which either succeeds or replaces the creative process of design, or it can be accepted as a technology, that change the way we interact with the world and finally that which we regard as good design.