Intensjoner i arkitekturen

Norberg-Schulz, C., 1967, Intensjoner i arkitekturen, Universitetsforlaget, Oslo

  • Author : Norberg-Schulz, C.
  • Year : 1967
  • Title English : Intentions in Architecture
  • Publisher : Universitetsforlaget
  • Publisher's Location : Oslo
  • Pages : 0
  • Abstract : Intentions in Architecture is one of the first propositions for a systematic and complete structure of the description of architecture. Its structure organically makes use of the Gestalt psychology, the mechanics of perception, the information theory, modern analytical philosophy and general theory of signs and symbols, so that each one of these approaches has its place and its meaning within an articulated plan, in an ingenious construction towards a theory of architecture. A theory able to treat architecture not only like an art form, but also taking account of its social, psychological and cultural effects, integrating theoretical material from various areas into a theoretical construction based on modern science and the symbolic theory of form.