Land Art in Landscape Architecture

International Summer School of Land
Art in Landscape Architecture was realized during 14 days from 7th
July to 20th July 2008
in village Habura and in the city Nitra. 26 students mostly from Visegrag
countries were taking part on the project, together with 9 lecturers, 6
organizers and plenty of visitors from Medzilaborce region and also from Nitra.

As a main event can be considered
the summer school itself in connection with local exhibition of Land Art
projects in Habura village during Habura Festival. Other events are poster
exhibitions at Slovak Agricultural University
in Nitra, at AGROKOMPLEX Exhibition in Nitra in August 14th-17th 2008, also
at MEDACTA Exhibition in Nitra
in September 2008. Poster exhibitions at partner Universities will follow.
The main aim which was a realization
of Land Art projects in Habura, was successfully done with help and
understanding of local inhabitants. Also another goals as exhibitions,
lectures, visits were fulfilled together with presentation of the project. Not
forgetting the exchange of experiences, knowing of partners both on students
and lecturers level. Public relations were realized in adequate way, primarily
on welcome and closing actions.

  • Title Original : Land Art in Landscape Architecture
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  • Notes : International Summer School of Landscape Architecture was propagated in university journal Polnohospodar and on universities websites,,, A bulletin with project description and detailed programme was issued by Slovak Agricultural University in Nitra. Also 18 colourful A0 posters on each Land Art project were printed out for exhibition purposes.
  • Project start : 2008
  • Project end : 2008
  • Contact Person : Lubica Feriancova
  • Funding Agency : V-4 State Fundation, CEEPUS
  • Project Partners : MENDELU -Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry Brno, . Warsaw Agricultural University , Corvinus University Budapest
  • Project structure : The project Visegrad character does not have to be described as it was organized as a meeting of students and lecturers from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland. Just few students came from Romania and Slovenia. All Visegrad countries were represented by lecturers, 5 from Slovakia, 2 from Poland, by 1 from Czech Republic and from Hungary. The project brought not just knowing of cultures from all Visegrad countries but also knowing of opinions and views on Land Art.
  • Location : Slovakia, Nitra, lat : 48.307077000000000000 - lng : 18.093227000000070000 address : Slovenská Po?nohospodárska Univerzita V Nitre Trieda Andreja Hlinku 609/2, 94901 Nitra-Chrenová, Slovakia
Image Title: Land Art in Landscape Architecture