Landscape architecture’s methods and tools for spatial development

The project creates methods and tools of landscape architecture
for application of cultural, artistic and historical relationships in
both urban and rural areas development, with special emphasis on sites
with cultural-historical significance. The project investigates changes
of the cities, public spaces and landscapes in the time depth —
observes evolutional patterns and turns them into principles for
development of the space, according to sustainable development values,
principles of good-quality architecture and urbanism, including art of
garden making. Proposed research will observe creating spaces,
atmosphere, picturesqueness, artistic appearance, closure to nature
phenomena. The research is going to look for tools for restoration and
cultivation of vegetation elements on sites and in objects with
cultural-historical values, look for possibilities and boundaries of
present use of such objects.

  • Website : http://
  • Project start : 2011
  • Project end : 2015
  • Funding Agency : Ministry of Culture, Czech Republic