Landscape change – state of environment, state of mind

Drexler, D., 2005, Landscape change – state of environment, state of mind, in: ECLAS (D. Oguz), ‘Landscape change’, Department of Landscape Architecture, Faculty of Agriculture Ankara University, Ankara

  • Author : Drexler, D.
  • Year : 2005
  • Published in Book : Landscape change
  • Pages : 34-42
  • Abstract in English : The aim of the current paper is to outline the possible dynamics of the changes of landscape perception. The different cultural developments in Europe since the Enlightenment resulted in a diversity of contemporary landscape perceptions. According to specific cultural-historic eras so called ideal landscape types can be identified, which show the milestones in the changes of landscape perceptions. The direct motivations of the evolution of landscape perceptions and landscape ideals are the cultural changes. The material changes only have indirect influence on the idea of landscape. However, the socio-cultural apperception of the state of the material environment has grown to a great extent since the 1960’s. Thus the idea of landscape has gained new common associations as e.g. global sustainability. The upgrading of the regional cultural values also has an influence on landscape perceptions. Due to these tendencies a closer relationship between the rational comprehension of the environmental changes and the traditional ideas of landscape could be reached.
  • Comments/Notes : KEYWORDS: cultural continuity; environmental state; landscape ideals; landscape perception. / Eclas 2005.