Landscape concept and its implication to the nature of landscape architecture

Kaplan, A., 2004, Landscape concept and its implication to the nature of landscape architecture, in: ECLAS (Jørgensen, K. & G. Fry), ‘A critical light on landscape architecture’, ,

  • Author : Kaplan, A.
  • Year : 2004
  • Published in Book : A critical light on landscape architecture
  • Abstract in English : This paper has primarily pointed out that neither landscape concept nor landscape architecture profession is fully capable of meeting the 21st century’s complex challenges. Moreover, they were obscured by the exaggerated romanticism. These facts leading major problems in theoretical and practical aspects of the profession have above all influenced negatively its furthering to address some constraints and opportunities of this information age. The premise outlined in this text includes redefining the landscape term in relation with landscape concept. This could not only provide a means to approach (non-)humanized landscapes in an accurate manner, but also scrutinize shifting the paradigm of the profession. The shifting would entail the profession a new and active role imposing new values and life styles upon the earth in accordance with the ‘ecological era’ rather than just conserving and enhancing physical environments against all kinds of cultural interventions. This seemingly prospective future should enlighten the nature of landscape architecture, but this situation closely depends on, and is at the disposal of futuristic approaches of landscape architecture communities worldwide. It is primarily a matter of whether delineating new and unprecedented horizons or keeping the conventional track of the status quo policies.