Landscape Concepts in Turkey

Turer Baskaya, F.A., 2013, Landscape Concepts in Turkey, in: Bruns, D., Kühne, O. (Ed.), ‘Landschaften: Theorie, Praxis und Internationale Bezüge’, Oceano Verlag, Schwerin

  • Author : Turer Baskaya, F.A.
  • Year : 2013
  • English Title : Landscape Concepts in Turkey
  • Published in Book : Landschaften: Theorie, Praxis und Internationale Bezüge
  • Pages : 101-113
  • Abstract in English : As a loan word from French, peyzaj is used for the term of landscape in Turkey. Being the capital of several empires, Istanbul represents the unique landscapes that display an Ottoman cultural synthesis. Regarding its representative structure and the richness of its history, this study benefits from Istanbul to gain a multilayered understanding of the existing terms and concepts prior to the adoption of peyzajintothe Turkish language. This study interrogates the capacity of such a loan word peyzaj to comprise both the cultural accumulation of Turkish Civilization and emergent global concepts of the 21st century.
  • Outline in English : 1. Introduction 2. Istanbul as a gateway for new ideas and concepts 3. Entry of peyzaj into the Turkish language 4. Using Turkish instead of the Ottoman language 5. ‘Landscape’ prior to the entry of peyzaj into Turkish - concepts and terms 6. A conceptual progress - peyzaj in Turkey 7. Conclusion