Landscape Transformation of Closed Landfill Sites

Master’s Thesis are on research of landfill sites in the territory of Latvia, possible reuse and integration in existing landscape.
The 1st chapter is dedicated to the overview of historical development stages of closed landfill sites in Latvia and foreign countries. A general survey on structure and main physical constraints on development of closed landfill sites was made. These territories were considered in context of degraded territories, city development, landscape, and legislation. Within the framework of this Master Thesis the research on reuse and possible future uses in Latvia and foreign countries was made. In the conclusion of 1st chapter interaction of humans’ visual and psychological perception in the territories of closed landfill sites was investigated as a risk factor of area not used.
The 2nd chapter deals with materials and methods used in this research. As the basis of the research, results of Israel scientist research for selecting a compatible open space use of closed landfill sites (according to physical constraints) were used. To find the best possible future uses of the territories, an evaluation of physical, visual and aesthetical condition of closed landfill sites were made. Combining results of Israel researchers and results acquired in characterization of each investigated area, proposals were put forward, that are described in details in the 4lh chapter.
The 3rd chapter contains landscape spatial analysis on closed landfill sites localized in the cities of Latvia. On the basis of theoretical and practical research, proposals were put forward for architectonic and spatial development of a particular area.
The 4th chapter contains conclusions developed in this research process.

  • Title Original : Ainavas transformācija slēgto atkritumu izgāztuvju teritorijās
  • Notes : Appendices contain explanation of terms applied in the Thesis, tables and analysis of investigated areas made in the process of research, attached research results of foreign scientist. The Master's Thesis contains 111 text pages, 77 pictures, 9 tables and 31 appendices on 29 pages. BfcESF ""^ Vienošanās Nr. 2009/0165/1 DP/ 5
  • Project start : 0000
  • Project end : 2011
  • Contact Person : Ieva Kiesnere
  • Funding Agency : Latvia University of Agriculture