Lawn as ecological and cultural phenomenon. Searching for sustainable lawns in Sweden

Thisproject is a unique interdisciplinary
collaboration with the aim to study lawns from different perspectives to
understand their roles in sustainable urban planning, design and management.We will investigate the motives behind decisions about
establishment and management of lawns among different stakeholders. We will
also combine studies of perception, recreational and design values of different
types of lawns with analyses of their biodiversity (plants, bees, butterflies
and earthworms) and contribution to carbon stock and sequestration in order to evaluate
their provision of ecosystem services.

will be included in the project through a focus group participating in the
planning of studies and discussion of results. The final results of the project
will be presented in scientific publications and a PhD thesis, but also highly
visible for the public in the form of an urban greening manual, demonstration
sites and different management packages for establishing sustainable lawns in

  • Title Original : Gräsmattan som ekologiskt och kulturellt fenomen. Hur ska gräsmattor i Sverige planeras och skötas för att vara både
  • Website : http://
  • Project start : 2013
  • Project end : 2016
  • Contact Person : Maria Ignatieva
  • Funding Agency : FORMAS Sweden
  • Project Partners : SLU, Uppsala
  • Location : Sweden, Uppsala, lat : 59.876490414475510000 - lng : 17.615289688110350000 address : Väpnargatan 19, 753 36 Uppsala, Sweden