Main cemetery

The main cemetery was inaugurated on July 2nd, 1843. In 1926, it was decided to redesign the cemetery. Planted trees and plants in the oldest part of the cemetery presented the beginning. Afterwards, the cemetery administration decided to build new stairs and to plant a new double-alley in order to protect local birds.

During World War II, the cemetery was a place of refuge for the inhabitants of Kassel. However, it had nearly completely been destroyed so that the clearing works began in 1951. During that time, the planning for the War Cemetery and the part for the Bomb Victims made huge progress. Both areas were opened in 1953.

  • Address : Tannenheckerweg 6
  • Region : North Hesse
  • Area : 40
  • GPS X : 9.495320320129395000
  • GPS Y : 51.325141131801430000
  • Project start : 1843
  • Website :
  • Project Status : Completed Project
  • Client : Stadt Kassel
  • Ownership : Public
  • Accessibility : Unrestricted areas
  • Brief Description : The main cemetery is not only the biggest cemetery of Kassel. With its old trees, it is also a park and a place of leisure and quietness for the inhabitants, combining the past with the present.
    Mausoleums and tombs are integrated in the naturally grown nature, and the cemetery reminds us of famous Kassel personalities, such as Louis Spohr, Ludwig Emil Grimm and the factory owning family of Henschel.

    In the course of time, sedulously gardeners collected various botanical treasures and put them together in their natural habitat.
  • Project Name : Original : Hauptfriedhof
  • Type : Cemeteries, Memorial landscapes, Parks
  • Image Title : Hauptfriedhof Kassel (Main cemetery, Kassel)