Management Development and Vegetation – Pilot Project for the Regional Park Maintenance Scheme Emscher Landscape Park

At the centre of the herein presented Research & Development (R&D) project is the development and implementation of innovative strategies for a sustainable, regionally-tuned concept for open-space management and maintenance in the Ruhr district (Germany). The main area of focus for this undertaking is the Emscher Landscape Park (ELP), which represents the largest and most developed regional park in Europe with its 45,754 ha and almost 180 realised and approx. 250 planned projects. Until now the coordinated management and maintenance of regional greenspace networks hasn?t been the object of research nor has it played a role in other regional park schemes. In the long-term the research results are to be applied to other regional parks.
The development of the Emscher Landscape Park 2010 Masterplan provided a first opportunity to critically discuss the importance of care and long-term maintenance as key factors concerning the future sustainability of the regional park. Although the open spaces of the regional park are currently being maintained, this is achieved by various proprietors (20 Cities, Regional and Federal Corporations, Private Companies) each acting according to their own mission, ideas and resources. Until now, regional coordination and dialogue have been entirely lacking and there hasn?t been any development of collective goals with regard to quality. As a result, the standard of maintenance is varied and in some cases entirely deficient. In certain areas, continued public funding for the development of new greenspaces even appears to be endangered as funding prerequisites are not met due to deficient or faulty care.

The applied for R&D project is conceived as a pilot project for a regional The research project is divided into two parts:
·The practical planning part with the goal of laying the foundation for a regional park maintenance scheme in the Emscher Landscape Park within the framework of a pilot project
·The scientific-theoretical part that examines the possibilities for improvement in sustainability for urbanised landscapes through a new maintenance and development scheme for greenspaces, with the Ruhr area acting as an example
park maintenance scheme, which is based on a prototypical investigation corridor of two of the seven regional greenspaces in the Emscher Landscape Park. Its purpose is to put the topic of sustainable development of the urbanised landscape at the centre of a regionally coordinated project and to provide the reponsable regional Organisation (Regional Verband Ruhr – RVR) with the management tools it will require in its future role as the supporting organisation for the Emscher Landscape Park. At the same time, standard approaches for high-quality, sustainable management of urbanised landscapes will be developed, and involved parties will be integrated into the regional park scheme in their areas of responsibility.

  • Title Original : Management Entwicklung und Vegetation - Pilotprojekt zum Parkpflegewerk Emscher Landschaftspark
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  • Notes : Dettmar, Jörg & Rohler, Peter (Hrsg.)(2010): Trägerschaft und Pflege des Emscher Landschaftsparks in der Metropole Ruhr. Wie viel Grün kann sich die Metropole Ruhr leisten ? Klartext Verlag Essen. 127 S.
  • Project start : 0000
  • Project end : 2009
  • Contact Person : Prof. Dr. Jörg Dettmar TU Darmstadt Faculty of Architecture Chair of Landscape Architecture
  • Funding Agency : Ministery for Education and Research Germany
  • Image Title : Mantainance Emscher Landscape Park