Media Landscape

Enache, C.I., Căplescu, O., 2014, Media Landscape, in: Crăciun, C., Bostenaru Dan, M. (ed.), ‘Planning and Designing Sustainable and Resilient Landscapes’, Springer Netherlands, Dordrecht

  • Author : Enache, C.I., Căplescu, O.
  • Year : 2014
  • English Title : Media Landscape
  • Published in Book : Planning and Designing Sustainable and Resilient Landscapes
  • Abstract in English : The landscape contains messages - about the living environment, climate, culture, society, history. Reading the landscape reveals different information transmitted directly to the observer. The landscape exists in the eye of observer, it must be seen to be understood and represented. This paper debates how the messages are inserted in the urban landscape and the relationship developed between society, landscape and information. The tendencies from the last decade manifest towards inserting the media message in the architectural object, of harmonizing the information transmitted through the urban landscape with the environment. Using urban digital mediatisation, its organic integration into the urban landscape can help create a consciousness for the spirit of the place by communicating "stories" - historical, cultural, urban and local, by organizing spontaneous urban events or attractive activities, by appealing to the community’s latent knowledge. It produces practically a media landscape - a space of transmission, in which the individual is not only receiver (as it was happening until recently) but also a transmitter of information; the user also generates content.
  • Outline in English : Introduction About communication – information, message, communication medium and society - Information, communication and society - Society and landscape - The social dimension of the space - Information and Landscape The publicized information. Publicity. Media Technologies in Urban landscape. Social interaction. Conclusions