Methodological issues in the assessment of landscape quality

Daniel, T.C. & J. Vining, 1983, Methodological issues in the assessment of landscape quality, in: Altman, I. & J.F. Wohlwill, ‘Behaviour and the natural environment’, Plenum Press, New York

  • Author : Daniel, T.C. & J. Vining
  • Year : 1983
  • Published in Book : Behaviour and the natural environment
  • Pages : 39-84
  • Abstract in English : The purpose of this chapter is to provide an overview of contemporary landscape quality assessment method. These methods are: the ecological, formal aesthetical, psychophysical. Psychological and the phenomenological model. A part of the conclusion is: At the present time, none of the described completely meets all the goals of landscape quality assessments.
  • Comments/Notes : KEYWORDS: quality, landscape assessment, landscape quality. UTILITY: lecturers/teachers, academic research, students of universities of professional education. This chapter show the various ways in which people can conceive the landscape.