Modern park design

Geuze, A, D. Louwerse & C. Steenbergen, 1993, Modern park design, Thoth, Bussum

  • Author : Geuze, A, D. Louwerse & C. Steenbergen
  • Year : 1993
  • Publisher : Thoth
  • Publisher's Location : Bussum
  • ISBN : 9068680692
  • Pages : 136
  • Abstract : FROM THE BOOK: Under the influence of social processes like the growing trend towards individualism, vandalism and a lack of social control its very existence is under threat. Despite these negative developments, the urban park is the focus of a lively design debate among landscape architects and urban planners. The 1980's produced a great variety of design approaches, and the ideas underlying these viewpoints were central to a conference entitled The Park, organised by the Panorama Foundation, and held in Rotterdam in Spring 1992. In modern park design, the lectures given at the conference are reproduced. The editors have added nine thematic chapters to these lectures in which the opinions of the various designers are placed alongside one another.
  • Comments : KEYWORDS: landscape architecture, landscape design, park design, parks, design.