Mystery in an information processing model of landscape preference

Gimblett, R.H., R.M. Itami & J.E. Fitzgibbon, 1985, Mystery in an information processing model of landscape preference, in: Landscape Journal, , 4

  • Author : Gimblett, R.H., R.M. Itami & J.E. Fitzgibbon
  • Year : 1985
  • Journal/Series : Landscape Journal
  • Volume Number (ANNUAL: Counting Volumes of the Year shown above) : 4
  • Pages : 87-95
  • Abstract in English : Why do people choose a certain park or open space as their ideal recreational place? Landscape architects, planners and administrators have pondered over the problem for a long time. Today, when people’s awareness of and demand for good environments for leisure and recreation have become more and more extensive, knowledge of their psychological relation to parks and landscape becomes indispensable. In this paper the research at the Department of Landscape Planning Alnarp within this subject is presented. In particular, our approach to this problem is highlighted, and eight positive characteristics which Swedish people wish to experience in parks and urban green areas are presented.
  • Comments/Notes : KEYWORDS: mystery, environmental psychology, accessibility, preference, quality. UTILITY: lecturers/teachers, academic research, students of universities of professional education.