Nature at the doorstep: residential satisfaction and the nearby environment

Kaplan, R., 1985, Nature at the doorstep: residential satisfaction and the nearby environment, in: Journal of Architectural and Planning Research, 2,

  • Author : Kaplan, R.
  • Year : 1985
  • Journal/Series : Journal of Architectural and Planning Research
  • Volume Number (CONSECUTIVE: Counting all Volumes of this Journal ever published) : 2
  • Pages : 115-127
  • Abstract in English : The focus of this article is on a particular subset of the nearby natural environment. The study deals with contextual factors that involve the world as seen from one’s window and accessible within a few steps from one’s home. While the nearby environment is often relegated to the category of amenity, the findings suggest that the availability and adequacy of nearby natural elements is of far greater significance than such a characterization implies. For example: The opportunity to grow things and the availability of gardens within view of one’s home were strong predictors of a more social component of satisfaction. Participants’ perceptions of the dominance of trees, woods and landscaping in the view from the residence all were importantly related to neighbourhood satisfaction.
  • Comments/Notes : KEYWORDS: environmental psychology, neighbourhoods, trees, nature, accessibility, nearby nature. UTILITY: lecturers/teachers, academic research, students of universities of professional education.