No Particular Place to Go?

Worpole, K., 2003, No Particular Place to Go?, Groundwork,

  • Author : Worpole, K.
  • Year : 2003
  • Title English : No Particular Place to Go?
  • Publisher : Groundwork
  • Pages : 0
  • Abstract : "NO PARTICULAR PLACE TO GO raises fundamental questions about what kind of environment people want their children to grow up in and value? Already a third of under-sevens in the UK fail to reach the minimum recommended activity levels, and by 15, two-thirds of girls are classified inactive. The proportion of children judged overweight has increased sevenfold in 30 years to 30%. Seven out of ten school leavers abandon physical activity. Fewer and fewer children are allowed to play outdoors. Meanwhile, two-thirds of 9 -11 years olds in the UK are dissatisfied with the quality of outdoor play facilities where they live. For 15 - 16 year olds this rose to 81%, higher than any other European country . As this report reveals, children and young people want to be outdoors as much as possible, in places and spaces which are safe, well-managed and which offer both attractive and challenging opportunities for play and being with others of their own age and interest. Britain is failing to provide these places. Why? This report argues that planning for play, and the need to create safe street networks and spaces for children and young people, is a pre-condition of a healthy community life and urban 'liveability''. Addressing such needs should therefore be at the heart of regeneration strategies, so that the inventiveness and quality of outdoor recreation and leisure spaces becomes the new 'common sense' of urban and rural policy."