Nordstadt Park

  • Region : North Hesse
  • Area : 25
  • GPS X : 9.508152008056640000
  • GPS Y : 51.325275220629970000
  • Project start : 1999
  • Implementation end : 2004
  • Website :
  • Project Status : Completed Project
  • Client : Stadt Kassel, Department for Environment and Green Spaces
  • Ownership : Public
  • Accessibility : Unrestricted areas
  • Project Team : Planungsgemeinschaft EGL
  • Brief Description : The concept consists of grasslands, play opportunities for children, a soccer field, rest areas, a ford and a steel stack for crossing the Ahna river as well as the Ahna balconies.

    Two small squares paved with stone define the opposite entrances to the park. The northern entry equipped with illuminated brick posts leads the visitors onto the curved main walkway, bordered with aged trees. From here, the view opens to an ample grassfield.
    The other square is rather taken as a "backdoor": It is equipped with a wooden deck and offers a park overview.

    HUge emphasis was put on play devices for all ages. That's why ther is a blue climbing net as well as a sand play area with convenional devices. The main attraction contains of the playground which gains this award at the second glance only.
    The Ahna riverbed was cleverly integrated into the park concept. Hence, one can not only cross the river by menas of steel stacks but also via a ford in the northern park area. Across sitting blocls, the elevation decreases towards the water. Stepping stones in the river enable crossing to the other riverbank.

    Another highlight is the new constructed gas pressure regulating station which was combined with a youth meeting center inside an appealing factory structure: The former slaughterhouse with its contaminated area was redeveloped into a park with high-quality resting functions.
  • Designer : Latz Riehl Partner
  • Image Title : Nordstadtpark Kassel