Pantanal New Settlements Sustainable Guidelines

The Pantanal is one of the largest inundated areas in the world. It covers more than one hundred thousand square kilometers of permanent swamp and seasonally flooded plains, alternating with large areas of forest and hosting in the interior a vast biodiversity. Even though the Pantanal is located mostly in western Mato Grosso of Brazil, a smaller part, of equal importance, is located in the east of Santa Cruz, Bolivia, and northern Paraguay. An area as delicate as this is threatened by the intervention of man in many ways: intensive agricul- ture and livestock, deforestation, fires, uncontrolled hunting and fishing, and irresponsible interventions in the aquifers. However, the aspect that may cause greater ecological damage to this area is the fu- ture urban growth in the border site between Brazil and Bolivia. Particularly in Bolivia there are impor- tant factors contributing to the growth of two of its border urban spots. The exploitation of one of the largest iron reserves in the world and the conclu- sion of the last stretch of road connecting the area with the rest of the country are the most important, and this is contributing with the development of this region and the alarming migration into the area. The problem is the lack of a plan to address urban growth in an environmentally responsible way. The aim of this thesis reserach is to provide the general guidelines for a good sustainable development in the new settlements, to address the urban growth in a green-smart way with a special attention on the urban water management, and to contribute in creating a ?Pantanal identity? in the community with a correct knowledge of the importance and fragility of the natural resources in the area.

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  • Notes : Master Thesis Degree
  • Project start : 2009
  • Project end : 2010
  • Contact Person : Sandra Herrera
  • Funding Agency : Politecnico di Milano and ANIMP OICE
  • Project structure : sustainable; urbanism; green; neighborhoods; sustainable water management; ecosystem planning; eco-sustainable; new green cities; new utopias; water management
  • Location : Bolivia, Puerto Suárez, lat : -18.966850000000000000 - lng : -57.798069000000000000; Brazil, Corumbá, lat : -19.009822900000000000 - lng : -57.654744600000015000
Image Title: Pantanal  New Settlements Sustainable GuidelinesImage Title: Pantanal  New Settlements Sustainable Guidelines