Park Monte Laa

The park alongside the essential connection of the new part of the city offers space for various users. Distinctively designed with its striking colour concept, the area is easily recognizable in the urban context. The sensible lighting and barrier-free orientation system is easy to use for handicapped persons.
The facility proves to be intensive in maintenance; the cities protagonists don?t contribute to conservation.

  • Address : Favoriten
  • Region : South of Vienna
  • Area : 9
  • GPS X : 16.389498710632324000
  • GPS Y : 48.167258965082580000
  • Project start : 2000
  • Project end : 2006
  • Implementation start : 2004
  • Implementation end : 2006
  • Context : The park is located as the centrepiece of a new housing and office development in the inner suburbs of Vienna.
  • Website :
  • Project Status : Completed Project
  • Client : 7 different clients
  • Ownership : Private
  • Accessibility : Unrestricted areas
  • Project Team : Oliver Gaschowetz, Clemens Lutz, Daniel Zimmermann
  • Brief Description : The main concept for the park Monte Laa is by the famous landscape architect Martha Schwartz from Boston. The property is 440m long and just between 20m and 35m wide. Her concept for the park is linearity. A businessbuilding is bordering one long side of the park, and flats on the other long side. The park is the connection between both of them. He allows the business people to eat there lunch in the park and children who live in the flats to spend there time on the playground.
  • Designer : 3:0
  • Project Name : Original : Park Monte Laa
  • Type : Local recreation areas
  • Image Title : Rampe
Image Title: Park Monte LaaImage Title: Park Monte LaaImage Title: Park Monte Laa