Parks and Benefits

The aim of this project is
to generate socio-economic effects by a sustainable management of
protected areas for the benefit of their regions. The Baltic Sea Region
holds outstanding and unique natural heritage. While respecting nature
protection requirements and development objectives, sustainable nature
tourism within and around protected areas can be an important element of
the regional economies. Up to now this
economic potential is on the one hand underdeveloped and offers vast
possibilities for the development of tourism, of public-private
partnerships and improved nature conservation. At the same time can
existing economic performance be widely underestimated, which often
results in mislead discussions and prejudices about the use of nature
protection. On the other hand all stakeholders within regions with
protected areas need to practice cooperation and communication on an
equal footing for truly sustainable development.
The aim of the Latvian pilot project
is to encourage cooperation of local residents,
business representatives, NGOs, government institutions, municipalities
and administration of Kemeri National Park to generate tourism offer
within the area of protected area. To promote tourism offer within
national parks in Latvia. Latvian Rural Tourism Association has finished the guidebook ?National Parks in Latvia?

  • Title Original : Nacionalie Parki un Ieguvumi
  • Website :
  • Project start : 2008
  • Project end : 2011
  • Contact Person : Project lead partner:; Latvian pilot project:
  • Funding Agency : Partly financed by the European Union (ERDF) within the Baltic Sea Region Programme
  • Project Partners : NGOs, protected area authorities, government institutions, representatives of business and scientific institutions ? 18 partners, all of them representing countries which surround the Baltic Sea. Latvian Rural Tourism Association is one of the partners, and its task in this project is to organise a pilot project in co-operation with the Kemeri National Park.
Image Title: Parks and Benefits