Objectives of Project: The project is aimed to favour the cohesion among EU member states and regions, activating an exchange network of information, reviews and proposals for urban design, regional planning and city management.

Project Timetable: ongoing

Structure/Organisation of Project: Planum shall play the role of the virtual interface of the European town and regional planning world. This would happen in three ways:
a) recovering and organising the large amount of information about cities and regions which is piled in different public and private institutions, primarily in the archives of a few eminent scientific journals (see the sections “archive”and “journals”);
b) providing a set of commercial services disseminating such information towards professional users, stakeholders and decision-makers and becoming a specialised search engine (see the sections “web compass”, ” news ” and “showspace”) ;
c) creating a forum for a highly qualified professional activity.

Results/Outcomes: online journal


  • Project start : 0000
  • Project end : 0000