Planungsgrundsätze für Freilfächen zum spielen

Agde, G., 1989, Planungsgrundsätze für Freilfächen zum spielen, in: Garten + Landschaft, , 3

  • Author : Agde, G.
  • Year : 1989
  • Title English : Planning principles for play spaces
  • Journal/Series : Garten + Landschaft
  • Volume Number (ANNUAL: Counting Volumes of the Year shown above) : 3
  • Pages : 51-54
  • Abstract in English : The issue as to whether children’s play can be the subject of official standards has been the subject of much discussion. Three different types of play area are presented in the official standard. Standards however can only be a supportive aid to good planning and design and to ensure safety of the user.
  • Comments/Notes : KEYWORDS: playing, safety, standards.