Potenzielle Fehlerquellen bei Dachbegrünung und deren Vermeidung

Krupka, B.W., 2004, Potenzielle Fehlerquellen bei Dachbegrünung und deren Vermeidung, International Green roof Association

  • Author : Krupka, B.W.
  • Year : 2004
  • Title English : Prevention of potential green roof construction’s mistakes
  • Pages : 136-142
  • Publisher : International Green roof Association
  • Outline in English : The knowledge of the potential sources of failure and the consequent observance of guidelines and instructions helps to avoid defects on green roofs. In addition, conscientious planning and the installation of high quality materials by an experienced staff are further pre-conditions for reliable and permanent functioning green roofs.
  • Comments/Notes : KEYWORDS: green roofs, roof systems, construction, quality. See also: In: IGRA. International Green Roof Congress. Conference Transcript. International Green roof Association, Berlin