Protection and Management of Historic Cultural Landscape through Landscape Conservation Areas

This project is concieved to deepen knowledge in values of cultural landscapes in their many aspects. The project focuses on improvement and development of present system of protection and conservation of historic landscape conservation areas. The project endeavours to improve conditions and tools for protection and preservation of this part of cultural heritage and finding interdisciplinary methodological consensus in this field. The project comforms with the obligation implying form the European landscapoe Convention. The project shall support implementation fo the Governemen Policy Statement in the field of cultural landcape. The project results shall be presented in intelligible forms to become the source of information and education of wide public. Composition principles analysis and deepening of knowledge of landscape conservation areas values shall be usable for regulation and sustainable development in those already legally protected. Raising awareness and values protection are important both in national approach to the landscape theme and in implementation of related international conventions.

  • Title Original : Ochrana a pé?e o historickou kulturní krajinu prost?ednictvím institutu krajinných památkových zón
  • Website :
  • Project start : 2012
  • Project end : 2015
  • Contact Person : Marketa Santrucková, Martin Weber
  • Funding Agency : Ministry of Culture
  • Project Partners : The Silva Tarouca Research Institute for Landscape and Ornamental Gardening, Mendel University in Brno, Czech Technical University in Prague, National Heritage Institute
  • Location : Czech Republic, Osov, lat : 49.844378199999990000 - lng : 14.083920199999966000