Public participation in public green design process in Poland – academic public participation laboratory

The project examines the possibilities of involving local communities in landscape architecture park design in Poland. The series of students’ participatory design workshop and semester projects was carried in the outskirts of Kraków and smaller neighbouring towns. After 7 years’ experience the research team formulates the catalogue of good practice and the review of potential barriers in public participation in favour of public green landscaping in Poland.

  • Title Original : Partycypacja spo?eczna w projektowaniu zieleni publicznej w Polsce - akademickie laboratorium partycypacji spo?ecznej
  • Website : http://---
  • Project start : 2005
  • Project end : 0000
  • Contact Person : Krystyna Paw?owska, Anna Staniewska, Jacek Konopacki
  • Funding Agency : Polish Ministry of Higher Education
  • Project Partners : boroughs of Kraków, small comunities around the town
  • Location : Poland, , lat : 51.179342979289270000 - lng : 20.039062500000000000 address : 42, Poland