PURPLE: Peri-Urban Regions Platform Europe

Objectives of Project: PURPLE members represent peri-urban territories, where urban and rural features co-exist.

They are working together to maximise the advantages resulting from their location in proximity to large cities while minimising adverse impacts on the character, landscape and environment that make them distinct and special. Peri-urban regions in Europe are facing over-pressure. The balance between sustainable open space, sustainable agriculture and urban spatial and economic dynamics needs to be re-established. There are opportunities as well as challenges for those living and working in peri-urban regions, which should be reflected in tailor-made policies and strategies.

PURPLE is working to raise awareness of the specific peri-urban agenda at European, national and regional levels. At EU level, we feel there has been a lack of recognition in European institutions of the need for specific policies or support for peri-urban regions. Yet they constitute the interface between the 75% of EU citizens living in Europe?s urban areas and the adjacent countryside, which is increasingly valued for its local produce and resources, its diverse landscapes, rich cultural heritage and quality of life.

Project Timetable: PURPLE was set up in 2004…

Members of the Project Team: …and brings together regions from across the EU including: Catalunya, Dublin, Flanders, Frankfurt Rhein-Main, Île de France, Mazovia, MHAL (Province of Limburg), Nord Pas de Calais, Regio Randstad, Rhône-Alpes, South East England, South Moravia Stockholm, West Midlands and Zealand (Denmark).

Weblink(s): http://www.purple-eu.org/home/

  • Website : http://www.purple-eu.org
  • Project start : 0000
  • Project end : 0000