PUZ Campulung Muscel centru

  • English Title : Zonal Urban Plan - Central area of Campulung Muscel
  • Approaches To Analysing The Landscape : A special importance was given to the urban public space and to the presence of Targului River - elements towards which the intervention strategy and project solutions oriented.
  • Preparation : 2004
  • Approval : 2005
  • Location : Campulung Muscel, RO
  • Other Planning Agencies/Bodies Involved : "Ion Mincu" University of Architecture and Urban Planning - CCPEC Project manager: Constantin Enache Team: Angelica Stan
  • Problem Description : The purpose of the study is the regulation, from an urban-planning point of view, of the central area of Campulung Muscel City, with the integration of the conditioning elements, such as: historic-evolution elements, architectural and spatial-structural elements of the environment and of the adjacent landscape of the area, as well as elements of urban life, social and demographic aspects of the economic life together with their projection in spatial planning.