PUZ parcul Stirbei, Buftea, jud. Ilfov

  • English Title : Zonal Urban Plan Stirbei park, Buftea city, Ilfov county
  • Approaches To Analysing The Landscape : The study was realised to establish a coherent urban and landscape organisation of Stirbey Park and a set of interventions to create a spatial-volumetric framework, ambient and landscape. The intention of development addresses the importance and the functional role of the park at a city and regional levels, the area being part of a series of tourist attractions located around Bucharest.
  • Preparation : 2007
  • Approval : 0000
  • Location : Buftea, RO
  • Other Planning Agencies/Bodies Involved : "Ion Mincu" University of Architecture and Urbanism - CCPEC Project Manager: Florin Machedon Landscape project responsible: Cristina Enache Team: Mihaela Marinescu, Ana Opris, Lavinia Luparu, Irina Pata, Sorina Rusu
  • Implementation Issues : In summary, the plan intends the accomplishment of the following specific objectives: - establishment of a coherent organisation (from an architectural, landscape and urban point) of the area stating, also, the necessary intervention categories for the materialisation of the project; - configuration of a space-volume framework, ambient and visually corresponding to its natural heritage value and its role in shaping a brand image of Bucharest-Ilfov region as a European class; - protection, rehabilitation and refinement of natural heritage represented by green spaces in connection with land ecosystems; - balanced and efficient distribution of the activities in the area, according to the determined urban function, the inclination of the area and its insertion in the spatial-functional context of the city.
  • Methods of Landscape Assessment : The general objectives is the elaboration of integrated regulations (restrictions, as well as intervention categories to support the public interest), which should guide the urban development of the area and its refinement.
  • Problem Description : The Zonal Urban Plan for Stirbei Park is part of the integration intent of historic monument with a distinct architectural and landscape value, in a tourist circuit, for the development of the area as an element of regional identity. In this respect, it is created the need for the establishment and implementation of measures aimed at improving the quality of space and increasing the historical signification as an important tourist attraction and thus growth of the city.