PUZ parcul Tineretului, Bucuresti

  • English Title : Zonal Urban Plan - Tineretului Park, Bucharest
  • Preparation : 2004
  • Approval : 0000
  • Location : Bucharest, RO
  • Other Planning Agencies/Bodies Involved : "Ion Mincu" University of Architecture and Urbanism - CCPEC Project manager: Angela Filipeanu Project responsible: Angelica Stan
  • Problem Description : Regarding its location and the relation with the south area of the city, as the nature of its activities, Tineretului Park is a park that self-establishes as a distinct one in the green system of planted areas of the city, as a green nucleus with a complex profile - on one side, leisure, sports and on the other side, education, knowledge through recreation, a profile that has been included in its conception from the very beginning. The dual structure of the park is also one of its main features because the two sub-areas are limited compositionally by natural elements of relief and are also distinctive steps in the evolution of the park.