PUZ stadionul national Lia Manoliu, Bucuresti

  • English Title : Zonal Urban Plan - National Stadium Lia Manoliu, Bucharest
  • Preparation : 2004
  • Approval : 0000
  • Location : Bucharest, RO
  • Other Planning Agencies/Bodies Involved : "Ion Mincu" University of Architecture and Urban Planning - CCPEC Project manager: Angelica Stan Urban project responsible: Alexandru Sandu
  • Problem Description : Lia Manoliu National Sports Complex is an architectural and urban unity of great value, the specialised sportive profile combined with the presence of the National Park makes it a unique element in the urban landscape of the city. The sport function, extended with the leisure and cultural ones, remains dominant. So it would deserve some interventions for the growth of its spaces, the quality of public services and projects and the accessibility at city level.