PUZ statiunea “Movila Miresei”, judetul Braila

  • English Title : Zonal Urban Plan - Tourist station "Movila Miresei", Braila county
  • Approaches To Analysing The Landscape : Proposed solution is based on a succession of three layers: the lake, activity area and green protection area, which will contain the first two. The main idea is based on the effective use of land and the optimal insertion in the area. Movila Miressi resort needs to face towards the salty lake which bears its name and which represents a great advantage in comparison with other similar settlements from Braila Plain. It is an important resource, a capital that mustn't be scattered by a faulty action.
  • Preparation : 2010
  • Approval : 0000
  • Location : Movila Miresei, RO
  • Other Planning Agencies/Bodies Involved : "Ion Mincu" University of Architecture and Urban Planning - CCPEC Project manager: Angelica Stan