Replica of the Medieval Rose Garden known as The Grand Master’s Garden

Design work began in 2001, the implementation took two months, work was completed in December 2003

  • Area : 0,9
  • GPS X : 19.027800399999933000
  • GPS Y : 54.040293600000000000
  • Project start : 2003
  • Project end : 2003
  • Implementation start : 2003
  • Implementation end : 2003
  • Context : The southern terrace is the sunniest spot in the castle surroundings, no wonder then that in the medieval times the grand master of the Order arranged a rose garden here. A specific feature of the Teutonic fraternity in this respect was to join the castle garden (being an important element of the knightly and courtly culture) and the convent garden.
    The most spacious areas intended for cultivation, including not only vegetable garden, but also vineyards, orchards and even fishponds, spread on the northern and eastern side of the castle. They were managed by a monk performing the function of the garden master. On the terrace, there could be arranged only a private decorative garden, where a presentable arbour intended solely for the grande master was put up.
  • Website :
  • Project Status : Completed Project
  • Client : Muzeum Zamkowe w Malborku
  • Ownership : Public
  • Accessibility : Limited public access
  • Project Team : designer: dr inz. arch. Bogna Lipinska, assistant designer: mgr inz. arch. Anna Styp-Rekowska
  • Brief Description : Restoration and renewal of The Medieval Costume of The Grand
    Master's Garden realized in the Nineteenth Century and the second half of The Twentieth Century
  • Designer : dr inz. arch. Bogna Lipinska
  • Location : Poland, Malbork, lat : 54.040293600000000000 - lng : 19.027800399999933000 address :
  • Project Name : Original : Replika Sredniowiecznego Ogrodu Rozanego zwanego tradycyjnie 'Ogrodem Wielkiego Mistrza'
  • Type : Castle gardens
Image Title: Replica of the Medieval Rose Garden known as The Grand Master's Garden