Restoration, the value of participation, and the risks of professionalization

Light, A., 2000, Restoration, the value of participation, and the risks of professionalization, in: Gobster, P.H. & R. B. Hull, ‘Restoring nature’, Island Press, Washington

  • Author : Light, A.
  • Year : 2000
  • Published in Book : Restoring nature
  • Pages : 163-181
  • Abstract in English : Effects to professionalize restoration include the regulation of restoration projects, the certification of restoration volunteers, and the creation and accreditation of restoration degree programs. By increasing the expertise and authoritiy of restoration, professionalization offers a potential mechanism to reduce the conflict that seems inherent in may restoration projects. However, professionalization may have significant costs. Professionalism will likely close the content of the language of restoration by controlling how concepts, terms and practices of restoration are defined and delimited. This control may make restoration less participatory and degrade the unique democratic potential of restoration projects. The author will address these issues using as an example the conflict created by the numerous restoration known collectively as the Chicago Wilderness project. Democratic values of restoration projects are explained and established and it is described how professionalism threatens these democratic values.
  • Comments/Notes : KEYWORDS: urban forestry, nature conservation, participation, professionalism, democratic values.