Restoring nature in american culture: an environmental aesthetic perspective

Foster, C., 2000, Restoring nature in american culture: an environmental aesthetic perspective, in: Gobster, P.H. & R. B. Hull, ‘Restoring nature’, Island Press, Washington

  • Author : Foster, C.
  • Year : 2000
  • Published in Book : Restoring nature
  • Pages : 71-94
  • Abstract in English : Question about restoration from an environmental aesthetics perspective is addressed. The nature – culture dichotomy as a tired distinction is ultimately not very helpful in resolving environmental problems. The author cautions against what she sees as a pervasive trent in modern America n culture toward the aesthetics of hyperreality, which can result in human unquestioningly accepting models or copies of nature as nature. In looking at the topic of geological restorations, the author argues that we might be able to build a more reasoned case for deciding when restoration is appropriate by discriminating between what is trivial and what is serious appreciation of nature, and by recognizing both the narrative (cognitive) and ambient (perceptual) properties of the environment.
  • Outline in English : KEYWORDS: Urban forestry, nature restoration, philosophy, hyperreality (see glossary).