Restoring nature

Gobster, P.H. & R. B. Hull, 2000, Restoring nature, Island Press, Washington

  • Author : Gobster, P.H. & R. B. Hull
  • Year : 2000
  • Publisher : Island Press
  • Publisher's Location : Washington
  • ISBN : 1-55963-768-4
  • Pages : 321
  • Abstract : The goals of this book were to clarify philosophical and conceptual issues that lead to conflicts over restoration projects, and to explore case studies that suggest ways to resolve such conflicts and involve volunteers and local residents in restoration efforts. This book an attempt to bring the human dimensions of restoration to the forefront. The book is organized into four parts reflecting these goals. Authors were asked to draw on the Chicago controversy where appropriate; the degree to which this was done varies widely between chapters. The parts are dealing with (1) philosophical issues that help to understand why society should or should not support restoration activities, (2) conceptual issues and studies that help to understand the source of conflicts over restoration projects, (3) case studies of process and implementation that suggest ways in which restoration conflicts might be resolved, and (4) case studies of stewardship that suggest how volunteers and local residents can help make and maintain restored environments. CONTENTS: Gobster, P.H.: Introduction; restoring nature; human actions, interactions, and reactions. Jordan III, W. R.: Restoration, community, and wilderness. Katz, E.: Another look at restoration; technology and artificial nature. Light, A.: Ecological restoration and the culture of nature; a pragmatic perspective. Foster, C.: Restoring nature in American culture; an environmental aesthetic perspective. Bruce Hull, R.B. and D.P. Robertson ---The language of nature matters; we need a more public ecology. Helford, R.M.: Constructing nature as constructing science; expertise, activist science, and public conflict in the Chicago Wilderness. Vining, J., E. Tyler & B.-S. Kweon: Public values, opinions, and emotions in restoration controversies. Light, A. ---Restoration, the value of participation, and the risks of professionalization. Gobster, P.H. & S.C. Barro: Negotiating nature; making restoration happen in an urban park context. Ryan, R.L.: A people-centered approach to designing and managing restoration projects; insights from understanding attachment to urban natural areas. Brunson, M.W.: Managing naturalness as a continuum; setting limits of acceptable change. Schroeder, H.W.: The restoration experience; volunteers' motives, values, and concepts of nature. Crese, R.E., R. Kaplan & R. L. Ryan: Psychological benefits of volunteering in stewardship programs. Raish,C.: Lessons for restoration in the traditions of stewardship; sustainable land management in Northern New Mexico; Hull, R.B. & D.P. Robertson, Which nature?
  • Comments : KEYWORDS: urban forestry, participation, nature restoration, volunteers. See chapters in this database for more keywords.