revitalisation of Vlastenecke square (open urban space) in Petrzalka

<BR>Revitalisation proposals resulted from the following factors: – to improve the path for walking people at the most visited places – to exlude car transport from the sqaure space – to revitalise green spaces – to localise small architecture elements – benches and bins – to develop street lighting – to remove posts for open air goods sales The revitalisation aim was to to make this place more attractive so that it can serve as a good quality public space after its reconstruction. During revitalisation period, former communication paths have been replaced by a unified, durable and easy maintained material (concrete pavement). Removal of automobile transport has been solved by construction of barriers against the cars (see pictures below).The present green spaces were renowed and new green spaces has been created. Such solution protected a maximum number of green spacea while preserving the present communication paths.

  • Area : 4,7 ha
  • GPS X : 17.112055899999973000
  • GPS Y : 48.124251200000000000
  • Project start : 2008
  • Project end : 2011
  • Implementation start : 2009
  • Implementation end : 2012
  • Context : The area is very well connected to the centre by public transport
  • Website :
  • Project Status : Completed Project
  • Client : Petrzalka -city district of Bratislava
  • Ownership : Public
  • Accessibility : Unrestricted areas
  • Project Team : TMR
  • Notes :
    The main composition is led in the axis of alley (11 trees located in 6 newly created green spaces). The central part is formed by 5 new flower beds as combination of low growing roses and perennial vegetation (see pictures below). One small tree will be planted in each flower bed. Shape characteristics Revitalisation project has designed an area as to create a new safe and well designed public space with a variety of functions. Apart from communication function, it provides a social function – right after its revitalisation the square became a meeting point for different groups of people. The space has an anti barrier effect, the project has been consulted with an association that protect rights of disabled people.
  • Brief Description : The open space area is located in one of Bratislava city district – in Petržalka. This district has been regarded as a modern residential area built in the late 70th and 80th. Taking into account the number of inahabitants (cca 115 000), it is the third biggest „town“ in Slovakia and it is an area with one of biggest density of people in Slovakia and in Central Europe. Vlastenecké square is often visited place developed with quite a good infrastructure (post office, schol, bank office, department store, hotel and restaurant and a bus stop. The whole area has 4 713 m2. Before revitalisation, the space was neglected and damaged. The illegal car entry into this area was one of main problems. These cars had negative and non safety impact on pedestrians walking along and on green places there.
  • Designer : TMR
  • Location : Slovakia, Bratislava, lat : 48.124251200000000000 - lng : 17.112055899999973000 address : Vlastenecké námestie, 851 01 Bratislava-Petr?alka, Slovakia
  • Project Name : Original : Revitalizácia Vlasteneckého námestia
  • Type : Urban squares