Samuel Beckett Park

  • Region : North Hesse
  • Area : 3.4
  • GPS X : 9.473218917846680000
  • GPS Y : 51.316397694073250000
  • Implementation start : 2006
  • Implementation end : 2007
  • Project Status : Implemented in part
  • Client : Stadt Kassel
  • Ownership : Public
  • Accessibility : Unrestricted areas
  • Brief Description : Samuel-Beckett-Park, located on the grounds of the former police station, is only a stone's throw away from Friedenskirche (Church of Peace). Together with threenew city villas, it is to become the center of a new neighborhood in Kassel - West.
    The planning objective, developed in a local public participation process, was to create a multiple generation park that responds to the various demands of different user groups: areas for play, exercising, resting und meeting had to be integrated in a ratehr flexible way.

    In this way, a design with a clear spatial structure has been created: a large meadow, a seating and relaxation area and a playground form three different zones. The open meadow for multiple purposes is the center of the layout. On one side, it is flanked by a three-step stairway mediating the height difference to the future residential buildings. Integrated seat elements invite to rest.
    As a counterpart, there is a long pergola at the opposite edge of the park consisting of a combination of one-row concrete columns and a steel construction. The seating and relaxation area is equipped with different-sized seats which are shaded by hornbeams during the summer.
    The part of the park that is oriented towards the sports hall is completely built for playing games of children and adults. There are two curved, overlapping boulder walls providing climbing activity. The surrounding sand tray serves for fall protetion as well as building sand castles for the kids.

    The park was not completed until the end of 2007; the new neighborhood is still under construction.
  • Designer : PLF Planungsgemeinschaft Landschaft + Freiraum, Kassel
  • Project Name : Original : Samuel-Beckett-Park
  • Type : Local recreation areas, Parks
  • Image Title : Samuel-Beckett-Park Kassel
Image Title: Samuel Beckett Park