Secret gardens in Venice

Moldi-Ravenna, C., Sammartini, T. & G. Berengo-Gardin, 1996, Secret gardens in Venice, Arsenale Edtrice, Venice

  • Author : Moldi-Ravenna, C., Sammartini, T. & G. Berengo-Gardin
  • Year : 1996
  • Publisher : Arsenale Edtrice
  • Publisher's Location : Venice
  • ISBN : 8877431695
  • Pages : 167
  • Abstract : In Secret Gardens in Venice, the authors explore Venice for the (usually intimate) gardens carved out of small spaces between water and mortar. While some are perfectly tended, others are rougher and a little overgrown. Some have beautiful views of the canals; others look inward, creating a little patch of earth divorced from the surrounding ocean. Table of Contents: sentiment as protagonist, rites of celebration, the metamorphosis of the city, the hidden call of the garden, the presence of the absent, bibliography.
  • Comments : KEYWORDS: gardens, hidden gardens, private gardens, aesthetic value, perception, history, cultural heritage, garden history.