Semantic enrichment of 3D city models for sustainable urban development

Objectives of Project: Many urban or environmental models are defined with the objective of helping practitioners and stakeholders in their decision-making processes. Models which represent in 3 dimensions the geometric elements of a city are called 3D city models. These models are increasingly used in different cities and countries for an intended wide range of applications beyond mere visualization. Such uses are made possible by adding semantics to the geometrical aspects, leading to semantically enriched 3D city models. Furthermore, in the perspective of a sustainable development, cities ought to be studied in a comprehensive manner taking into account many interrelations between various urban issues. This can be achieved by identifying and extracting the knowledge underlying in related data and models. Using ontologies is a robust way to achieve the semantic enrichment of 3D city models as well as their interoperability with other urban models, so that they become an effective matrix of urban knowledge in a perspective of sustainability. This Action will (1) create an integrative platform based on semantically enriched 3D city models, (2) use an ontology-based methodology that could be reused (3) assess the usability of the integrated platform for planning and decision-making.

Project Timetable: 2009-2012

Structure/Organisation of Project: WG1: Identification and semantic analysis of issues and models
WG2: Semantic integration and interoperability
WG3: Information aggregation and presentation for decision processes

Members of the Project Team: Chair
Prof. Roland BILLEN

Vice Chair
Prof. Thomas H. KOLBE

COST Participants
Country MC Member
Austria Dr Milena STAVRIC
Austria Prof. Andrew FRANK
Croatia Prof Damir MEDAK
Cyprus Dr Odysseas KONTOVOURKIS
Denmark Dr Lars BODUM
Denmark Mr Bruno TOURNAY
Denmark Mr Bjarne RUDIGER
Finland Dr Anssi JOUTSINIEMI
Finland Prof. Juha HYYPPA
Finland Ms Sanna ILTANEN
France Dr Mireille BATTON-HUBERT
France Prof. Anne-Francoise CUTTING-DECELLE
Germany Prof. Monika SESTER
Hungary Mr Balazs HEGEDUS
Hungary Mr Zsolt BARKOCZI
Ireland Ms Frances BUGGY
Italy Prof. Giovanni RABINO
Italy Prof. Eliseo CLEMENTINI
Italy Dr Barbara BARBONI
Latvia Prof. Irina JACKIVA
Netherlands Dr Sisi ZLATANOVA
Netherlands Mr LéOn VAN BERLO
Norway Dr Ramzi HASSAN
Portugal Prof. Thomas PANAGOPOULOS
Portugal Dr Jose-Paulo DE ALMEIDA
Romania Dr Maria BOSTENARU DAN
Slovakia Prof. Jaroslav HOFIERKA
Slovenia Mr Gregor BERGINC
Slovenia Dr Rados SUMRADA
Spain Dr Jorge POSADA
Sweden Prof. Anders OSTMAN
Sweden Dr Mohamed EL MEKAWY
Switzerland Dr Andre STREILEIN
Switzerland Dr Claudine METRAL
The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Dr Ognen MARINA
The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Mr Bojan KARANAKOV
United Kingdom Prof. Mike JACKSON
United Kingdom Mr Carsten ROENSDORF
United Kingdom Prof. Andrew BALDWIN
United Kingdom Mr Jeremy MORLEY

Comments: The STSM “The impact of the 1755 earthquake on Lisbon: 3D
representation of the city before and after” (Maria Bostenaru Dan and Thomas Panagopoulos) listed under research project took part in frame of the European project


  • Project start : 0000
  • Project end : 0000