Shaping daily life in urban environments

Zeiher, H., 2003, Shaping daily life in urban environments, in: Christensen, P. & M.O’Brien, ‘Children in the city’, RoutledgeFalmer, London

  • Author : Zeiher, H.
  • Year : 2003
  • Published in Book : Children in the city
  • Pages : 66-81
  • Outline in English : In our cities, children play ball games in sports clubs rather than on the streets, and climb playground apparatus rather than trees. Where urban areas are formed by functional differentiation, particular opportunities for and constraints on the actions of individuals are spatially fixed in specialised centres. Some are also temporally fixed by time-scheduled activity programmes. The author is dealing with how children do live and move around such landscapes of islands.
  • Comments/Notes : KEYWORDS: children, cities, neighbourhood, playing, social life, insularisation, domestication.