Solacki Park

  • Area : 14,6
  • GPS X : 16.899354457855225000
  • GPS Y : 52.423438937486075000
  • Implementation start : 1907
  • Implementation end : 1913
  • Context : Solacki Park is one of the oldest public park in Poznan. It was created
    as a central part of new suburban, residential area of Solacz. Nowadays developing city surrounded the district, but Solacz still remains its specific character. Sometimes Solacz is beeing compared to Howard's idea of the garden city.
  • Website : http://
  • Project Status : Completed Project
  • Ownership : Public
  • Accessibility : Unrestricted areas
  • Notes : References:
    Elzbieta Raszeja; Anna Galecka: Zielen jako element wizerunku Poznania miedzy ochrona historycznej struktury a kreacja wspolczesnej przestrzeni miejskiej [w:] Tozsamosc krajobrazu miasta, Zachodniopomorski Uniwersytet Technologiczny w Szczecinie, Szczecin 2012
    Jacek Zientarski, Magdalena Ziolkowska: Przewodnik po wybranych parkach i lasach Poznania, Zarzad Zieleni Miejskiej, Poznan 2004
  • Brief Description : Solacki Park is a part of western green wedge located in Bogdanka river valley. Due to that conditions it was possible to plan some naturalistic ponds which are the most recognizable element of the park.
    Solacki Park got English landscape garden style with carefully designed view axis which leads observers sight to the most attractive places in the park.
    Old tree stand, clear composition and renovated paths and park's furniture make it one of the most popular recreational places in Poznan.
  • Designer : Municipal Gardens
  • Location : Poland, Poznan, lat : 52.423438937486075000 - lng : 16.899354457855225000 address : Ma?opolska 16, Poznan, Poland
  • Project Name : Original : Park Solacki
  • Type : Parks
Image Title: Solacki Park