Space American playgrounds and schoolyards – a time for change

Macmillan, J.L., 2004, Space American playgrounds and schoolyards – a time for change, in: OPENspace, ‘Open space, people space’, OPENspace, Edinburgh

  • Author : Macmillan, J.L.
  • Year : 2004
  • Published in Book : Open space, people space
  • Abstract in English : Research has indicated that children learn through play by manipulating the environment. However, activities such as building mud dams, constructing twig houses or climbing trees are not typically facilitated in American playgrounds. Often static manicured landscapes and playgrounds discourage manipulation of the environment and design reform seems warranted. Issues that need to be addressed include concerns for safety, play leadership and supervision, and general perceptions about play and the role of playgrounds. This paper presents a brief overview of the evolution of playground design research and introduces a technique that may help change adult (parents, and park/school administrators) perceptions about playground design.
  • Comments/Notes : KEYWORDS: children’s environments, play, playgrounds, schoolyards, play as manipulation of the environment, nature and play, memory of play. [paper 6 p.]